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Veicoli a motore di piccole

A city of small cars & scooters

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Walking around the streets of Rome it was noticable, compared to New Zealand, the size of cars and number of scooters (not so much motor bikes). There is a lot less space and width oin many of the roads, so economy of space takes precedent.


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You can always tell

che cazzo. Sanguinosa australiani

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Dinner tonight, sitting nicely in the pizzeria next to our apartment having a relaxed meal at 8:00pm (as an aside I could seriously get used to meal times like this) and then we heard it, the joyous twang of some good old Aussies. When did they start letting them in to Italy ?

We heard today at the Vatican about the aussie that attacked Michelangelo's Pieta.

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Rome, finally

Out of sync body clocks and it's bloody hot

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Well we got out of Singapore, we had an interesting experience in marketing to finish the stay with. Whilst in the open area of Changi we got a bottle of water for $1:80. However we had to discard this bottle prior to entering the boarding area as apparently Alison was looking to kill the pilots and comandeer the plane. Anyway, once in the boarding lounge the price had shot upto $3:50.

So on to Rome, unfortunatly on a smaller aircraft, 777-200, felt more cramped and the TV was smaller, worse this didn't have a USB outlet to chsrge up this power sucking phone. Though I think it ead worse for the woman next to me, she was 6ft (if there is such a height). But we got there, Alison with a healthy dose of drugs and me have occasionly snoozed and read a bit. As an aside, I really do recommend a kindle for travel.

We got in to Rome 30 mins early, as a result expecting to get in to town sooner; but no, the valuable contribution of Italian baggage handlers quickly saw to that, or mor specifically they saw to it very slowly. More seasoned travellers to Italy suggested it wasn't uncommon and that the Italian baggage handlers could stand with pride as some of the worst in the world as far as speed was concerned. So baggage collected and we were off to get a couple of things needed at duty free then off to the train. One small flaw in this plan, there was no duty free to be found ...shit. Oh well so off to the train, on option we'd decided on prior to leaving. It was pretty easy to find, getting a ticket simple as long as we were happy to have a slight delay whilst the person serving us had a kiss with here boyfriend when he arrive...well we were in iItaly.

The train was fine, it seemed old but quieter and better than Auckland. No conductors, you validate your ticket in a 'yellow' ticket machine and you are away. So our first of many train trips in Italy was completed. We arrived at at the central Rome train station (Termini) about 9:30am and our apartment checkin was at 11:30am. So time for a sit, well after a long walk from where we got off to the main area where we needed to validate our prepaid Eurorail tickets for Italy. This was our first introduction to the Italian queues...fark, long and boring. Lucky it was just the introduction, as I was about to get a far better learning experience. So we grabbed a drink and were going to wait a bit till till we got a cab to the apartment. Then opportunity, or so I thought, beckoned with a TIM (Italian telco) store by us. Off I go with the expectation of grabbing a SIM for my phone...ta daaar....just over an hour to get a SIM with a lot waiting, watching some fabulous Italian hand waving arguments and being glad this would be only once. Worse of the two people serving, I got the one with very limited english. Buy about 60 mins later all was done. I brought a sim, apparently for international people, of course after they took a copy of my passport (no passport, no SIM). Though funny thing is, after they get all that data in me, they dti ll only text me in Italian (thank goodness for the android translator) though I wounder if our NZ telco's take the same spproach, verses actuslly focusing in the cosromer.

I digress (most people expect that from me antway), so SIM obtained, cab grabbed and off to 114 Via Del Broschetto we go, to drop off our bags at 11:30 then waner the roads till our formal checkin at 2pm. Well we got there, but no one else was. With the world of online forms, badly worded questions and language there had bren a cock up and we weren't expected till 2pm. However eventually it was resolved, with a few calls and catching the cleaner. We had arrived ;-)

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Blisters and Humidity

A day on Orchard Road in Singapore

semi-overcast 32 °C

Not a bad day,. Started late with a simple breakfast in the Pan Pacific. The Global Kitchen, as its name suggests, provides all sorts of variety for food.

Then we loaded up with bugga all and left to wander Singapore. There wasn't much of a plan so we decided to shoot up to Orchard Road where all the great shopping is. It wasn't quite as close as the map suggested, hell Alison started on the "Are we there yet ?" comments. But we made it, having discovered that jandels were probably a poor choice of footwear and that blisters seem to come pairs. Anyway learning's from this will have us wandering about in shoes looking like the tourist dorks we are.

Orchard Road was great, though I think we didn't give it the time it deserved, blisters and all. Lots of the normal mall type shops but with heaps more choice. Saw a nice jacket, but didn't get it, hell we're going to Italy after all.

On making our way back we got caught in the Singapore Computer show -Comex 2011 - Shit what a crowd, couldn't move, was even easy not wanting to go see the gadgets.

So the day was done. Next time I'd want to go to all the great suggestions everyone came up with, to late :-( Or at least grab the city hop-on, hop-off bus that does the circuit.

So time now in Changi airport, 3 hours before our 1 am flight to Rome and the body clock feels we should be asleep. Perhaps I should grab those drugs of Alison's, though suspect it would result in some of my body parts being ripped off....perhaps not. She's already suggested that the pleasant zombi-like state they put her in, makes me almost bearable ;-)


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A day in Singapore

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Well arrived in Singapore last night. Flight was as expected, you know in the air. Alison's concern (massive understatment) at flying was extremely well overcome by a good drug regime..well recommended. Cattle class was typical with the special addition of a family with 3 small children each of who felt screaming and tantrums are a perfectly good part of life. We felt sorry 4 the parents. Thought about starting a collection up from all the other passengers to get them moved up to first class (imagine the faces) but there weren't enough seats available...bugga

Got in to the Pan Pacific last night, great views from our room and the elevators. But now time to actually get out there.



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